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Kiraly Window Cleaning is a locally family-owned small business. Our mission is to provide premium residential and commercial window cleaning services tailored for superior, trustworthy, and professional results.



Clean Windows
Window Cleaning

Our expert team offers exceptional window cleaning for residential and commercial properties. We meticulously clean window tracks, sills, frames, and screens to ensure your windows look their best. Elevate your window cleaning experience with us.

Clean mirrors

Our commitment is to make sure that your mirrors always show the best possible version of yourself, whether doing yoga in a studio or simply admiring your reflection at home. Our cleaning solutions guarantee that your mirrors are spotless, adding to the beauty of any room.

Clean glass railing with ocean view
Glass Railings

Maintaining the pristine appearance of your glass railings is crucial to the overall aesthetic of your property. Don’t let dirt, grime, or mineral deposits detract from the elegance of your home.

Clean office partitions
Glass Surfaces

Keeping glass partitions and surfaces clean is of utmost importance in the upkeep of a polished and professional appearance. Allow us to assist you in effortlessly preserving these areas free of any unsightly dirt or grime.

Clean storefront

A well-looked-after storefront helps advertise how a business operates. It demonstrates a business’s dedication and care for its customers.

Clean Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Conducting routine cleaning on your solar panels prolongs their lifespan and significantly improves their energy output capabilities. By taking proactive steps to conserve the health of your solar panels, you can reap the benefits of renewable energy for years to come.

Clean windows on building
Multi-level Buildings

With the latest technology, we can achieve streak-free results while efficiently and safely cleaning multi-level buildings.

Clean Skylight

Our team members are experienced in tackling complex window cleaning challenges, including those that involve hard-to-access skylights.

Why hire us?

Why hire us?

Experience icon

With Kiraly Window Cleaning, you can rest assured that you are selecting a team with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in both commercial and residential properties. Our unwavering dedication to remaining current with the latest advancements in technology and continually enhancing our equipment guarantees that we consistently provide superior outcomes.

Local icon

When you choose to support our family-owned business, you're not just investing in a product or service - you're helping a community of real people dedicated to making a difference. Our commitment to excellence and passion for what we do is reflected in everything we offer, and we take pride in delivering only the best to our valued customers. Thank you for choosing us and being a part of our extended family.

Professionalism icon

We take great care to ensure that our employees are always attired in company-provided uniforms. Furthermore, we carefully maintain our equipment to guarantee optimal performance and safety. Our staff members undergo comprehensive training to ensure that they interact with our clients and guests courteously and professionally, and we subject all employees to thorough background checks for your peace of mind when we visit your homes or businesses.

Safety icon

Adequate safety protocols during window cleaning are paramount, particularly in commercial settings. Our organization adheres strictly to OSHA safety standards. It invests in comprehensive training for all staff members about ladder safety, chemical safety, water-fed pole safety, electrical hazard management, noise control, personal protective equipment utilization, and first aid.

Eco-friendly icon
Eco Friendly

Our company is dedicated to providing environmentally conscious options prioritizing the safety of families, beloved pets, and plants. We use meticulously crafted products to exclude harmful chemicals such as ammonia and phosphates and are also designed to decompose quickly without negatively impacting our planet.

Insurance icon

Kiraly Window Cleaning prides itself on providing comprehensive insurance coverage to safeguard against any unexpected incidents, giving you peace of mind knowing that you won't be held liable.


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Our Team

The team

Bence Kiraly

Bence Kiraly


Raquel Kiraly

Raquel Kiraly


Squeegee in hand

Employment Opportunity

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At Kiraly Window Cleaning, we highly value each team member's diverse range of skills and unique strengths. By working together closely and leveraging our respective attributes, we consistently deliver an experience that exceeds expectations.

Our Story

The Kiraly Tradition

Having grown up surrounded by glass production in Hungary, I have developed a deep appreciation for this unique material, which can be both solid and durable, as well as fragile and delicate. As I pursued my dream of starting a business in the U.S., I knew I wanted to continue the Kiraly family tradition and work primarily with glass. With a sophisticated approach to the window cleaning industry, I am giving continuity to a legacy that has thrived for generations and remains committed to providing our valued customers with the highest quality products and services.

Bence Kiraly

Our Story

What our costumers have to say

"Bence did an excellent job cleaning our windows inside and out. He is very detail-oriented and made sure also to clean my tracks and screens."

Kris M



Contact us

Contact us


9040 Town Center Parkway Lakewood Ranch FL 34202


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